Telecom and Service Providers

Telecom and Service Providers

We are engaged with all Service Providers across India directly or indirectly. We serve the national carriers as well the local carriers across India. We are engaged with them for the new service implementation, Capacity Augmentation and management of current technologies. With these engagements, at LRS we

  • directly impact the lives of million of users by enabling faster adoption of 5G to consumers
  • we monitor and operate these services 24x7 to enable subscribers be always on
  • We enable the user community globally, by playing our part in enabling access to the world

Upgrade of the 5G Services

We are partnered with one of the largest Service Providers in India in rolling out DNS services for their carrier network. This project directly impacts the capability of the provider to deliver the 5G services to its subscribers.

Management of DDoS Services

We manage and operate the DDoS solution implemented by service provider at the Internet Exchange(IX) points. These IX points are the entry and exit points for the global internet network. The DDoS services ensures the uninterrupted and clean pipe for the subscribers for internet access

Service Roll Outside India

We have delivered projects to design and build the international Point of Presence (PoP) locations for the service provider. We engage local support for hands and feet support and the configuration and project management is performed locally.

Finance and Banking

Finance and Banking

We have multiple projects, big and small running with Public banks, Private Bank and Small and Medium Finance banks. We are engaged with the Branch Network, Datacenter and Connectivity for these institutions. We enable the banking and financial services to be available and accessible to the end users. We enable both institutions and consumers by

  • Maintaining the uptime of the Network to enable uninterrupted financial services to the consumers
  • Managing the services which impact the availability of the application hence making these services available round the clock
  • Enabling the branch modernisation projects to enable consumers digital experience

Building DNS Services

We design, build and configured the global DNS services for one of the largest private bank in India. The DNS services are tied to the mobile and web applications which users access for various financial transactions. We have also migrated and optimised these DNS services to have geo proximity to consumers for best response times to such queries

Managing Branch Network

We are managing the branch network of over 1000 branches for one of the largest Public Sector bank in India. We have an SLA based engagement with the bank wherein in case of any issue at any of the branch, we provide hands and feet support to have troubleshoot the issue. At the same time we engage with our core technical team for troubleshooting and resolution

Datacenter Operations

We manage Datacenter operations for one of the Small and Medium Finance bank in Mumbai and in Uttar Pradesh. We manage the operations for the banks across Network, Compute, Storage and backup technologies. Our Core Technical Group team also gets engaged bi annually for assessment and configuration review to have proactive resolution of issues. We maintain 99.9% uptime for these institutions



Engaged with Government organisations in India in multi domain multi technology solutions. This includes the Digital India, Make in India and e-governance projects being driven by Central and State Governments

  • Branch Modernisation roll out projects
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Datacenter and Disaster Recovery Design and Build

SD WAN Roll Out

Working with the OEM for the roll out of SD WAN for more than 1000 branches on Silverpeak solution. This enables branches to connect security to the Datacenter and meet the compliances as laid out by RBI.

Cloud Adoption

Built Cloud based Dev and Test environment for one of the state government body to enable cost saving and circumvent hardware delivery issues

Datacenter Design

Datacenter design along with the integration of the Disaster Recovery solution for one of the state government project. This enabled client to have a robust disaster recovery solution with defined RTO and RPO values.

System Integrators

System Integrators

We are part of the System Integrator community as a part of the strategic project delivery. We are associated with Tier 1 system integrators to deliver point solutions on complex or point solutions for them.

  • SDN implementation
  • DNS Consolidation and Implementation
  • M364 Assessment and Adoption

SDN Implementation

Delivered a 41 rack ACI implementation for one of the System Integrators for their end client. This involved Site Survey, Passive Planning, Migration Planning and Application Group mapping with contracts for migration

DNS Implementation

Assessment of the current DNS solution deployed, building the consolidation framework, understand DNS query flow. Post these activities, designing of the consolidated global infrastructure was built and signed off.

M365 Adoption

Network assessment for one of the client for 5000+ users M3645 adoption on Outlook, Teams, One Drive, Intune and Share point. The activity involved, assessment of the current link utilisation, adoption roadmap and recommendations for successful roll out for users.

Enterprise and SMB

Enterprise and SMB

Our major client base is in the segment of Enterprise, ITeS and Small and Medium Business. We work on all technology front for clients working as a Technology Advisor for them. Our diverse experience in technology and OEM landscape is an feature client choose us.

  • Technology Roadmap Workshops
  • Architecture Assessment Workshops

Technology Roadmap Workshop

Engagement involved in understanding the current technology landscape and user requirements. This was mapped to the technology expectations from the client. This workshop included working with both the business and technology users to build a roadmap for future technology projects and build the ROI calculations around the same.

Architecture Assessment Workshops

These workshops are either part of the implementation project or standalone projects. In this workshop we assess the current network architecture. This includes architecture assessment, configuration assessment and traffic flow assessment. Determined the architecture recommendations, configuration changes for building resiliency and traffic flow for single point of failure or suboptimal paths in the network

Hospitality, Healthcare and Education

Hospitality, Healthcare and Education

Hospitality, Healthcare and Education are sector which need point solutions from unified wireless in hospitality, unified patient lifecycle in a hospital to remote delivery of education in rural areas. We have delivered the solutions in each of these sectors playing the role of System Integrator.

  • Unified Wireless and Digital Billing for Hotels
  • Building Infrastructure for Digital Diagnostics for patients
  • Designing and Implementing the infrastructure for Remote Education programme

Unified Wireless and Digital Billing

Built the unified wireless and guest login portal for 225 room hotel in Agra. The solution included the WiFi for Lobby, Common Areas, Outdoor areas and In Room Wifi. This was incorporated into the guest login portal. The billing solution was migrated to cloud in which we built the infrastructure needed on AWS to run the solution

Digital Diagnostics

The requirement was to have a central digital footprint of the patient from all the diagnostics, health reports, prescriptions and tests results. We built the complete infrastructure to run the solution and worked with different solution providers in integration.

Remote Education

The requirement was to provide remote education to students in the rural area. Internet connectivity and hardware availability was both a challenge in such location. We built the connectivity on Broadband over VSAT solution along with media servers for offline caching of the classroom content and on demand streaming if needed.



With Industry 4.0 and digitization there is a huge demand in providing IoT based solutions to manufacturing clients. There is a need to have real time floor data available from both the machines and the operators.

  • Smart Metering solution for the disbursement of the CNG gas at stations
  • Monitoring machine parameters for efficiency and product quality consistency
  • Smart Warehousing Solution

Smart Metering

The problem statement is two fold here. Firstly the change in the rates for fuel is dynamic and every time there is a change there is a manual change need to happen. Secondly the compressor readings and fuel disbursement was manual. We digitised both the components with 4G based Sensors and Tableu based reporting on Azure.

Digital Factory

The factory made die cast plastic parts for the automobile manufacturer. The challenge was to determine the temperature and pressure for the machine operations which determined the end product quality. With the help of sensors we built a dashboard to have real time parameters monitored with alarms over pre defined thresholds

Smart Warehousing

The warehouse, as a pilot for the company, was digitised completely with integration to the central ERP solution. The warehouse was wireless enabled along with handheld barcode scanners for seamless integration.

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